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About TMG Industrial

Finding equipment, storage buildings, or even a greenhouse is essential to purchasing it from a trustworthy brand. TMG Industrial Canada is a trusted company with more than a decade of existence in the industry.

TMG Industrial Review: About TMG Industrial

This brand offers special equipment from gardening, industrial, to automotive. Its products collection is made with excellent materials and construction that can be reasonably priced. Plus, this brand has impressive customer service for your perfect satisfaction.

Actively sharing their moment works with their customer and sales updates on social media, this brand gains over 4.7K Facebook followers and 3.5K Instagram followers. Besides, To ensure it can be completely helpful for the customers, it regularly updates informational articles on its blog.

But is it true? Is this brand indeed the best option? Thus, we’ll uncover all information about this brand in our TMG Industrial review. This article will encompass the company profile, product reviews, customer testimonials, customer service and current deals. So let’s dive right in!

Overview Of TMG Industrial

Honestly, who is TMG Industrial? It’s a brand that offers agricultural, industrial, and automotive equipment and has been in the industry since 2007. This company is a family-run business based in Richmond, BC., and has become customers’ first choice thought-out North America.

It has a friendly, convenient shopping experience through the website and phone with attentive sales agents. TMG aims to serve ‘people’s needs and become more reliable and accessible industrial equipment.

Plus, it has over 500 products with 70,000 sqft warehouses in Richmond, BC, and 10,000 sqft in Mississauga, ON. Not only that, but this company also has listed in the BBB with A+ accreditation.

Now you already know the short information about this company. Now you should check the TMG Industrial pros and cons to help you make a decision and better understanding below:

TMG Industrial Pros

  • 500+ products collection
  • Sturdy build and quality material
  • Affordable pricing
  • Many offers and discounts
  • Free shipping on all orders
  • Hassle-free return policy
  • 1-year warranty
  • Almost perfect rating with highly positive reviews

TMG Industrial Cons

  • The refund will charge a  15% restocking fee

TMG Industrial Review

One important point about this brand is it has 400 different models of livestock shelters, flail mowers, greenhouses, stump grinders, and many more. This brand has a great collection of products with high quality and low price points.

TMG Industrial Reviews: TMG Industrial Review

Below we have gathered the product classification on its website so you can conceive what it offers:

  • Automotive: Auto Lifts, Shop Equipment, Jacks, Pressure Washer, etc
  • Attachments: Excavator, Tractor, Skid Steer, Flail Mower, etc
  • Storage: Shelters, Metal Garage, Tool Storage, Livestock Shelters, etc
  • Machinery: Construction, Shop, Wood, Landscaping, Generators, etc
  • Home & Garden: Greenhouse, Mowers, Party Tent, Composters, etc
  • Farm & Ranch: Livestock and Tillers

In the following section of this TMG industrial review, we’ll choose the three best-recommended products to see their quality. So let’s jump to the next section!

TMG Industrial 20’ x 20’ Metal Shed Carport Reviews

The TMG-MSC2020F 20′ x 20′ Metal Shed Carport is a metal garage shed with vertical metal roof panels. The roof panel design can prevent water and snow buildup from decreasing the overall stress on the structure and secure the falling snow risk.

TMG Industrial Review: TMG Industrial 20’ x 20’ Metal Shed Carport Reviews

The 10′ enclosed sidewalls and horizontal metal sliding panels are held to protect the structure from sun, rain, hail, and crosswinds. Moreover, this metal garage is also equipped with a standalone footplate, stabilized steel cables, and roof and shoulder bracing support for robust stability and firm support.

The galvanized metal also has a heavy gauge powder and polyester paint-coated fishing for long-lasting durability. This vast space storage building can also store pickup, RV, 4-wheelers, boats, and farming equipment.

The bolt-on connection and slip-fit frame offer an easy and fast assembly with a couple of friends during the weekend. So at the current price of $4,799, you can get a TMG metal shed garage for all seasons protection and dependability.

TMG Industrial 20 x 20 Carport Details

  • Size: L 20’ x W 20’ x H 12.5’
  • Space: 400 sq ft
  • Weight: 1435 lbs
  • Material: Metal, steel, and solid wood

TMG Industrial 12’ x 60’ Tunnel Greenhouse Grow Tent Reviews

Looking for residential and commercial growing solutions? This TMG-GH1260 12′ x 60′ Tunnel Greenhouse Grow Tent is an outstanding construction for your seedlings, sprouts, and flowers. It’s constructed using a six mil EVA plastic film cover that can diffuse the direct sunlight for your plants.

TMG Industrial Review: TMG Industrial 12’ x 60’ Tunnel Greenhouse Grow Tent Reviews

Things that we like about plastic material are its anti-fogging and anti-dripping. So with the natural growing condition, you can save money with artificial lightning.

The galvanized steel frames also give a robust structure for long-lasting and all-weather protection with rust-resistant and corrosion free. Additionally, the end frame constructed from steel tubing for front and rear archers with wiggle wires is designed to secure the film in aluminum lock channels steadily.

It also features the hand crank roll-up on both sides, providing adjustable ventilation and humidity. Moreover, the approximately 4′ wide walk-through door is spacious enough to transport new addition, tools, materials, and landscaping carts. 

A tunnel greenhouse is an excellent solution for durable, ventilated, warm, year-round protection. So you should click the button below to check the availability and purchase it at $2,999!

TMG Industrial Greenhouse 12 x 60 Details

  • Size: L 62-1/2’ x W 12-½’ x H 7’
  • Space: 720 sq ft
  • Weight: 660 lb
  • Material: EVA plastic film and galvanized steel frame

TMG Industrial 30" Portable Sawmill Reviews

The TMG-PSM30 30″ Portable Sawmill is engineered by a 14 HP Kohler Ch440 Command Pro Series engine. This engine is remarkable for its durability, lifespan, strength, and reliability. In addition, it uses a belt-driven transmission for superior power transfer between the machine and the engine.

TMG Industrial Review: TMG Industrial 30" Portable Sawmill Reviews

This sawmill is also constructed with a heavy gauge robust 4-post carriage design that can withstand heavy jobs and long hours. Moreover, the permanently sealed SKF bearings can help prevent vibrational wear and tear, increasing its performance output, accuracy, and longevity.

Combined with the two adjustable log clams, it avoids movements and defies while cutting. In addition, the precise adjust cut thickness ability can mill the lumber to various dimensions you need.

Thus for a self-sustainable lumber solution, you can grab this portable sawmill at $5,499 ($5,799 regular price) while on discount of $300 off!

TMG Industrial 30 Portable Sawmill

  • Blade Size: L 158” x W 1.24”-1.34”
  • Max Cutting Log: 12′ long, 28″ wide, and 30″ in diameter
  • Weight: 960 lb

Who Is TMG Industrial For?

This brand is dedicated to those looking for agricultural, automotive, and industrial equipment. So whether you are a gardener, stock farmer, or even people looking for shelter for their car, this brand can be the best place.

TMG Industrial Review: Who Is TMG Industrial For?

Aside from that, this brand has affordable pricing so that budget-conscious customers can consider it. Thus, this trusted industrial superstore is an excellent option for those seeking the best budget-quality products.

TMG Industrial Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

If you are still skeptical about this brand, we’ll look at the TMG Industrial reviews from the customers. It can help us to see the customer’s experience and opinion to determine its quality. Below is the compilation product rating that we’ve reviewed.

TMG Industrial Review: TMG Industrial Reviews: What Do Customers Think?
  • 20′ x 20′ Metal Shed Carport obtain 4.7/5 average rating based on 18 reviews
  • 12′ x 60′ Tunnel Greenhouse Grow Tent receive 4.8/5 rating based on 4 customers reviews
  • 30″ Portable Sawmill acquired a 4.9/5 average rating based on 23 customers reviews

Next is one of the garage reviews that fetch our interest:

It’s a great experience overall. The garage is sturdy and Solid construction. I love the area and look in my driveway.

One of the reviews, among others, Greenhouse reviews, also stated his satisfaction. Here it’s:

We are impressed with how sturdy this grow tent is and would recommend it to anybody. I would like to also thank the Support team for their fast responses to questions and for giving the install guide PDF file.

The last review is we specifically choose one that contains cons among other sawmill reviews:

It appears to be what they stated it would be. All the sawmill parts came and were reasonably straightforward to assemble. So far, the only flaw is that the scale for trimming the logs is useless, and I’ll have to create one of my own. So it doesn’t count down to the last cut, and you’ve no way of realizing where you’re at with the log cuts.

Considering the reviews above, we can see that most customers are satisfied with the product quality from the sturdy construction and durable material. A responsive customer service team also supports it.

While regarding its flaw, there are only a small number of reviews that we think are still manageable. It’s worth emphasizing that their products have an almost perfect rating.

Is TMG Industrial Worth It?

Considering all the information gathered in this review, TMG industrial is unarguably worth it. It has hundreds of industrial equipment at affordable prices with unbeatable quality.

TMG Industrial Review: Is TMG Industrial Worth It?

Impressive customer service offers free shipping, return, and warranty to ensure a risk-free purchase. Most customers are also satisfied with their service since the support team is very helpful and responsive.

The industry’s long existence also allows them to be trusted by people across North America. It also will enable them to develop products with robust quality and durability. Hence, from quality, pricing and service, this brand is top-notch.

TMG Industrial Shipping Policy

If you are in a dilemma about heavy items shipping, luckily, TMG Industrial offers free shipping for all orders in Canada. After placing the order, you’ll be contacted by its salesperson to finalize the delivery details within 48 hours.

When the product ships out, you’ll receive the tracking numbers to stay up to date shipping process. The ETA is approximately 10-15 working days after the item has shipped from the warehouse.

TMG Industrial Return Policy

Whether using the shipping or picking up from the warehouse, this brand offers a hassle-free return policy to file for an exchange or refund. It doesn’t state the limitation, but it’s better to inspect and ASAP file for return if you find any damage.

After the product arrives, the returned item will be inspected, and the payment will be processed immediately. The reimbursement usually takes 3-5 days to be reflected on your credit card. Aside from that, most products will be covered with a 1-year warranty to ensure customer satisfaction.

Thus, you can contact its customer service team to return the item or cancel the purchase.

How To Contact TMG Industrial

To ask for assistance or further information about the brand, you can contact TMG Industrial customer service. They are available during business hours Monday – Friday, 7:00 AM – 5:30 PM PST via:

  • Email Address: [email protected]
  • Phone Number: 1-877-761-2819
  • Form: Contact Us form
  • Social Media: @TMG Industrial on Facebook and @tmg_industrial on Instagram
  • Address: Unit 140, 6333 Graybar Rd, Richmond, BC

Where to buy TMG Industrial?

Currently, if you want to order the product from your comfort, you can visit its official website at There you can find all selections with responsive customer service support ready to assist you.

Besides, if you prefer to check the material and design, they are also available in several dealers and stores in Canada and the United States.

TMG Industrial Coupon Codes & Promos

We know that this section is the most awaited one. So below, we have gathered the current sales and discount codes that are currently available:

  • Free shipping on all orders
  • Join the email list to get $25 promo codes
  • Save up to $2000 on the Mega Sale page
  • Find all the products currently on sale on the Deals page
  • Discover the limited-time offers on the Flash Sale page
  • Save more on in-store pickup
  • Click the button above to get exclusive coupon codes lists

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TMG Industrial

TMG Industrial Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for TMG Industrial reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns TMG Industrial?

This brand is a family-run business under David Chen and Qi Wang.

Where are TMG industrial products manufactured?

According to their information on where TMG Industrial is made, the products are made and are located in Richmond, BC.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of TMG Industrial Reviews & Ratings

In a nutshell, our TMG Industrial review can conclude that this brand has excellent quality as a trusted industrial equipment brand. It has hundreds of products, from tractors to metal shed garages, with guaranteed quality.

We also discovered that many customers are satisfied with the products’ sturdiness and solidness. Besides, it has a responsive customer service team to assist you while purchasing a product.

So, you can head to TMG Industrial and purchase your trusted equipment!


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